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Dunkirk 2017

The film portrays the emotional and genuine story of the Dunkirk departures from a war torn shoreline and harbor in France, taking after the apparently destined predicament of partnered troopers in World War II. As the foe compels shut in it appears the troops have no place to go, however help is nearby and a savage fight results.
Dunkirk" opens as a huge number of British and Allied troops are encompassed by adversary powers. Caught on the shoreline with their backs to the ocean they confront an inconceivable circumstance as the foe shut in.
Media Info:

Cast: Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Harry Styles
Director: Christopher Nolan
IMDB Info link
Duration: 97 min.
Video Bitrate: 3995 kbps
Resolution: 1920x800
Audio: AC3, 384 kbps
Size: 3.5 gb
Password: web-dl
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Dunkirk 2017 Dunkirk 2017 Dunkirk 2017

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