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Fist Fight 2017

Ice Cube and Charlie Day star as secondary teachers arranged to comprehend their disparities the most difficult way possible. On the most recent day of the year, unassuming secondary school English instructor Andy Campbell is attempting his best to keep it together in the midst of senior tricks, a useless organization and spending cuts that put occupations on hold. In any case, things go from awful to more regrettable when he coincidentally crosses his significantly harder and profoundly dreaded partner, Ron Strickland, who challenges Campbell to an out-dated throwdown after school. News of the battle spreads like fierce blaze and winds up turning into the very thing this school, and Campbell, required.
Media Info:

Cast: Christina Hendricks, JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Ice Cube
Director: Richie Keen
IMDB Info link
Duration: 90 min.
Video Bitrate: 3977 kbps
Resolution: 1920x1040
Audio: AC3, 384 kbps
Size: 3.4 gb
Password: web-dl
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Fist Fight 2017 Fist Fight 2017 Fist Fight 2017

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