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The Emoji Movie 2017

The Emoji Movie opens the at no other time seen mystery world inside your cell phone. Covered up inside the informing application is Textopolis, a clamoring city where all your most loved emojis live, wanting to be chosen by the telephone's client. In this world, each emoji has just a single outward appearance - aside from Gene, a rich emoji who was conceived without a channel and is overflowing with various expressions. Resolved to wind up "ordinary" like alternate emojis, Gene enrolls the assistance of his helpful closest companion Hi-5 and the famous code breaker emoji Jailbreak. Together, they leave on an epic "application wander" through the applications on the telephone, every its own particular wild and fun world, to discover the Code that will settle Gene. However, when a more serious risk debilitates the telephone, the destiny of all emojis relies on upon these three improbable companions who must spare their reality before it's erased for eternity.
Media Info:

Cast: T.J. Miller, James Corden, Ilana Glazer
Director: Tony Leondis
IMDB Info link
Duration: 86 min.
Video Bitrate: 3962 kbps
Resolution: 1920x808
Audio: AC3, 384 kbps
Size: 3.1 gb
Password: web-dl
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The Emoji Movie 2017 The Emoji Movie 2017 The Emoji Movie 2017

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